How Does the UPS Claims Process Work

You can start a UPS claim within 60 days of the scheduled delivery for packages that have been lost or damaged, or if a collect on delivery (C.O.D.) payment was not received. Here’s how to do it:

  • Provide Some Details About the Package
    This can be the package’s tracking number, weight or contact information for the recipient.
  • Let Us Know Your Role in the Claim
    Indicate your relationship to the package. Are you the sender, receiver, an appointed representative of the shipper or a third party?
  • Filing your Claim as A Guest
    This can be a quicker solution for you. If you are the shipper of the package, just know that you will likely be required to return and provide additional documentation. Additionally, claim status after submission is limited to the shipper.
  • Support Your Claim with Additional Documentation
    Items such as receipts, invoices and purchase orders can help identify merchandise. Attaching photos of damaged packages is also recommended for damage claims.
  • Submit Your Claim
    You’ll get a notification from us about your claim once submitted, as well as up-to-date information available on your claim’s dashboard.
  • Visibility into Your Claims Progress
    Your claim’s progress can be managed from your claim’s dashboard. You will be provided up to date details of the claim and notification of necessary action for the claim to be paid. Access will require you to be signed into, as these features are not available when filing your claim as a guest.


Take Advantage of the Flexibility of the Claims Dashboard

Through the UPS claims dashboard, you can easily:

  • Edit information and upload additional supporting documents.
  • Submit a new claim using our secure application.
  • Review up to 270 days of your claims history.
  • Export data to create reports.
  • Set your preferences to choose how you’re contacted about claims.
  • Customize your dashboard to meet your needs.