Four Steps to Batch Shipping

  • Once logged in, click “Choose File” to select the file from your computer.
  • Verify your “Ship From” address and edit, if necessary.
  • Select payment method.
  • Click “Process Batch” to print all labels, or “Preview Batch” if you’d like to review each shipment without printing labels.

Tips and Tricks

  • Document Formatting
    All shipments must be uploaded in documents formatted in CSV (comma separated values) or SSV (semicolon separated values). Click here to download file formatting requirements and a template.
  • Address and Payment
    The origin address and payment method must be the same for all shipments. Destination addresses can be different.
  • Multi-Piece Shipments
    Multi-piece shipments cannot be processed using a batch import file.


What if my CSV or SSV document contains an error?

Shipments containing errors cannot be processed. The system will import the shipments and display the imported shipment on screen. The customer will have the ability to see which shipments have errors and edit/correct individual shipments.

What is a common formatting error for the CSV import file?

The import file must include the comma/semicolon delimiter, even for optional fields. Column headers should not be included.

Can I still import a batch of shipments to instantly create a bunch of labels?

Absolutely! Select Batch File Shipping from the shipping menu just like you always have. The procedure to create up to 250 shipments at once by importing a CSV (comma separated value) or SSV (semicolon separated value) file format has not changed.

When I import a batch of shipments, what does the “Preview Batch” button do?

By clicking Preview Batch, you’ll see a quick overview of each shipment that you’ve imported before you print your labels. With the Shipping Cart, you can make changes to any specific shipment before you print the label. So if you need, you can add options like Weekend Delivery, or Hold at a UPS Access Point location, to a shipment without having to delete then re-import the whole batch. The Shipping Cart also allows you to take care of any errors we found in your batch file – so you no longer need to fix the error in your batch file then re-import it.

Additional Features:

  • The system will provide the ability to import up to ten batch files. (A max of 250 shipments still applies)
  • The system will provide the ability to view all the imported shipments, and skip one or multiple shipments, which would exclude them from being processed when the customer clicks process all.